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Movement Doesn't Need to be Punishment!
Led by group fitness instructor, Angelina Shimkus, Embia Fit began with Angelina's desire to go after each moment and achieve her dreams as a strong role model for her two young daughters, Aria & Ember.  As these two sweet girls are a main motivation in Angelina's goals and work, it made sense to name our business after them; Embia Fit was born!

However...Let's back it up, because before Aria & Ember were actually born, Angelina started down her fitness instructor road in 2011. Beginning her fitness career with a certification in PiYo, and then growing her certifications to include Turbo Kick, Personal Training, SOULfusion, and Cycling, as well as gaining training and experiences to teach Pilates and Barre classes, Angelina is grateful for all of her movement opportunities and experiences. 
But these formats are just the modes to reaching Embia Fit's true mission:
To help others find body appreciation and respect through movement. To set ourselves free from diet culture and own our movement, rather than workout because we're made to feel like we have to.

We are so grateful for your support and can't wait to see you for a virtual class.

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