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Looking for something fun to do with some friends & keep a social distance/avoid actually going out somewhere?
Host a Small Group Fitness Party

What is a Small Group Fitness Party?
In the comfort of your own backyard, host a little fitness party for your family/friends! You choose the format & theme.

How many people can I invite?
Group sizes depend on your space. Inquire & we’ll have a quick consult to discuss your space and a good group size.

What kind of format/party can I host?
Let your own imagination & interests be your guide! Barre & Brunch•HIIT & Hang•PiYo & Pizza (or Pinot, if that’s your thing)•Stretch & Snack, etc.
Not sure? Let’s have a quick consult and I can help you find the best fit.

How do you charge?
Prices vary depending on workout length, travel time, etc., but are a flat rate. You can then decide to host it all on your own or to have your friends pay you to attend (popular option).

What does Embia Fit contribute to the party?
Embia Fit is in charge of teaching & leading the fitness portion of your party. The host is in charge of food/drinks. Think of me almost as your DJ with the tunes & getting your loved ones moving & having fun.

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