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Where Fitness Breaks Free From Diet Culture

Tired of fitness spaces fixated on changing your body? Us too.

Welcome to Embia Fit, where we're rewriting the fitness narrative one virtual class at a time...Because movement isn't about conforming; it's your personal journey to feeling good in your skin.
Picture this:

You're able to break a sweat without being reminded that you need to push harder & burn more calories.

You can move in a space where your unique body is respected, not compared.

You find stress relief in each yoga pose, stretch/strengthening move, and powerful kick.

My name is Angelina, and I'm the founder of Embia Fit.  I believe that the traditional fitness world is often designed to make us hate our current bodies. Having dealt with body image struggles and an eating disorder myself and finally finding a new world of movement where workouts aren't done to punish ourselves, I believe fitness isn't about fitting into a mold; it's about embracing your uniqueness and experiencing the ways that movement can make you more appreciative for your mind and body.



She brings a sense of body positivity and strength that brings out the best in me!
...Angelina encourages every single participant to feel confident in their journey-no matter what they choose to do!
Through 2 foot surgeries and frozen shoulder, I have never felt that I could not participate in any of her classes- the sense of acceptance and love for your fitness path allows me to go beyond what I ever thought I could do-and that is the mark of a truly amazing instructor!

Bridget A.

Discovering the power of mindful movement is a game-changer. I've walked the path of fixating on appearance and wrestling with dark body image struggles. But the breakthrough came when I realized movement could be a source of appreciation, not punishment.

Let's embark on this journey together!

Join our community and explore how movement transcends beyond burning calories and shedding pounds. Together, let's embrace a practice that fosters comfort in our own skin and empowers us to take control of our thoughts.​

Mindful Movement

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