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Move Mindfully-Know Your Worth

Do you feel held back by letting your size dictate how you feel about yourself?

Do you feel that your appearance impacts your worth?
Are you missing out on important events because you're worried about how you compare physically to others?

My name is Angelina, and I'm the founder of Embia Fit, I have brought what I learned through overcoming these same struggles into a world where fitness has nothing to do with what you look like and everything to do with how you feel.

xoxo Embia Fit

PiYo at the Park

Mindful Movement

I have suffered from fixating on my appearance, and saw how it spiraled into deeper & darker body image struggles. 
It wasn't until I found that there were ways I could move my body and appreciate it, rather than punish it, that I was able to truly find freedom in my mind and body. 


Let's find freedom together!

Join our community to see how movement can be about more than burning calories and losing weight!

Let's move together to feel comfortable in our skin and in control of our thoughts.

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She brings a sense of body positivity and strength that brings out the best in me!
No matter the class, or the level, I have always felt confident in my workouts, as Angelina demonstrates many modifications and encourages every single participant to feel confident in their journey-no matter what they choose to do!
Through 2 foot surgeries and frozen shoulder, I have never felt that I could not participate in any of her classes- the sense of acceptance and love for your fitness path allows me to go beyond what I ever thought I could do-and that is the mark of a truly amazing instructor!

Bridget A.

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